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VMS/NVR can't detect ITV Desk or live video from ITV Desk is not coming
Last Updated 2 years ago

1) Ensure VMS/NVR supports ONVIF protocol and ITV Desk is added there as ONVIF IP camera
2) Ensure network traffic between ITV Desk and VMS/NVR is not blocked by firewall. Temporary switch off all antiviruses, firewalls and Ad-Aware software on both - ITV Desk PC and VMS PC
3) Change RTSP (8554) and ONVIF (554) port, maybe the ports are already used
4) Tray with lower 1280x720p resolution ManStream and SubStream 704x480
5) Tray disable MainStream and SubStream sound suport
6) Contact ITV Desk support if nothing above helps

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